Leaders are not born, they are made. So are you a good corporate leader? If no, then you will find out how to become a good leader in this article.

Today, I will be highlighting 12 essential criteria to fulfill if you want to be a good corporate leader. When I mean corporate leader, I am not referring to those highly paid managers or executives.

Instead, I am referring to entrepreneurs who are at the helm of affairs in their own company. I prefer talking about entrepreneurial corporate leaders because I see a kind of commitment in them, which I don’t find in those highly paid executives. As a corporate leader, you are the spearhead, the driver of growth and survival in your company.

12 Essentials for Becoming a Good Corporate Leader

1. You must possess a competitive spirit and aspire to be the best.I love entrepreneurial leaders who possess the competitive spirit of entrepreneurship. When I think of entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson, John D. Rockefeller, Dangote, Bill Gates and Mukesh Ambani; I get fire up in the spirit. These men are good corporate leaders and entrepreneurs who dominated their niche because they possess the spirit of competition.These men are always striving to be the best. That is a major attribute of good corporate leaders. I believe strongly in competition because it forces you to attempt and achieve the extraordinary.

2. You must be committed to the growth and survival of your business

To be a good corporate leader, you must be committed to the course of your company. You must put in equal hours or even work more than your employees.

Employees are often inspired by leaders who are always in the field. Good corporate leaders delegate duties but they are always on ground to offer guidance to whosoever needs it.

3. You must strongly believe in the need for continuous innovation

You must emphasize the need for continuous innovation to your team. You must inspire and challenge their creativity. If you don’t innovate, you and your business will become obsolete.

4. You must have the ability to create challenging visions.

One true attribute of a good corporate leader is the ability to fashion goals and visions for the company. As a leader, you must see beyond the present. You must be able to anticipate and foresee the future. Many great innovative ideas have been thrown in the trash because of the leader’s inability to change his/her perception. Lack of flexibility made Henry Ford lose the leadership position of Ford Motor Company to General Motors.

5. You must be a good communicator as well as a good listener

To be a good corporate leader, you must learn to read individuals from their words. You must learn to listen with your heart. In addition to that, you must be a good communicator. You must know the right words to use in any given situation. You must be a leader whose words can awaken the giant in your listeners.

6. You must have the ability to strategically induce your company’s value in your customers, employees, investors and suppliers. If your company stands for integrity, then you must live for it. Your employees and every entity that does business with your company must respect the company’s values.

7. You must set high self imposed standards for yourself. Self imposed standards such as discipline, punctuality and integrity will help you become a formidable corporate leader. Your employees must know you as a leader that lives by principles.

8. You must have the ability to forge a team out of your employees

I have said this time without number and I will continue to hammer on it until you come to accept the unquestionable importance of a business team. Teams are known to act with singleness of purpose and commitment, so it is your job as a corporate leader to forge this team out of your existing employees.

9. You must build your employees self esteem and confidence

Telling an employee that you believe in him or her will go a long way to bring out the best in that employee. Every employee is unique; it is up to you the corporate leader to discover the uniqueness of each employee. You must find their strength and build on that strength.

10. You must inspire your team to aim for greatness even if it means making some mistakes

In my team, mediocrity is outlawed. The use of the word ‘impossibility‘ is forbidden. Instead of saying ‘it is impossible,‘ I encourage my team to say “how can we make it possible” or “what are the possibilities.” Saying such words keeps my team on the edge, it challenges their creativity and ultimately, it brings out the greatness in them.

11. You must have the ability to accept and face business challenges unafraid. In the face of extreme difficulty, you must exhibit bravery. I have a strong belief that challenges come to make us stronger personalities.Looking back at my life, I have come to observe that for every challenge I face and surmount, I come out smarter and stronger. To be a good corporate leader, you must also develop this perception towards challenges.

12. Lastly, you must see criticism as a stepping stone to greatness. Every great leader must face criticism in one way or the other. So the earlier you brace up for it, the better for you.

These are the 12 standing guidelines you must adhere to if you want to be a good corporate leader. Stick to it and you will see yourself emerging as a formidable corporate leader.

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