Are you inspired to be a Social media Manager, you have no reason to look down on yourself for as long you have the basic knowledge of your role and passion for the job.  Maybe you’re searching for a job in social (or maybe you’re employing for one). There are huge different factors that are consider to get into a successful stint on ever social media. Instead of get stuck, We have to help as to see you move forward towards your dream.  I had this privilege of reading an interview of HubSpot VP of Marketing Meghan Keaney Anderson on specific attributes she considers when hiring social media managers so as how highly successful startup HugSpot view media marketing. Because of Meghan, I have been able to come up with this strong, noteworthy guidance for anybody hoping to further their career in social media, to build their existing abilities and skills, and to challenge the way they see the social media and online networks.  I was certainly inspired after the interview (and after listening to it again).


Click below to play the episode and view the detailed show notes.


In this episode, here is what you’ll learn:

Meghan Keaney Anderson shares the secrets behind the HubSpot social media team so as what it takes to be hired as a social media manager. Here are a handful of topics we covered that we think will make an impact for you in your marketing:

  • How a fast-growing startup like HubSpot views social media, its impact on marketing, and its influence on different channels (0:20)
  • How to hire a social media manager (and vice versa, how to get hired!) (6:10)
  • The background, skills, and outlook that many great social media managers have in common (8:38)
  • The goal-setting strategies of social media results (11:36)
  • How to get started on a new social media channel (17:38)
  • 3 tips for someone looking to grow their career in social media (23:25)

3 Tips for Getting Hired as a Social Media Manager
In Meghan’s words …

1. Get out there and start creating content.
That is going to be the source from which all of your growth comes, all of your knowledge of social networks comes. Do not hesitate to create. We live in an age where anyone can go out and build an audience. If you don’t do that, you’ve lost your mind. If you don’t do that and you want to be in this space, it’s such a painfully missed opportunity.
I always tell people who are entry-level and are right out of school: make sure you are taking the opportunity to create.

2. Understand the metrics of the content you’re creating and the social channels you’re learning. Learn them inside and out, know how to report against them, and learn how to push them further.
Don’t just rely on views or the basic sort of vanity metrics that you get from Facebook. Try to tie that back into your business and the grow that you achieved because of that.
Being able to communicate metrics in association with social and content creation is one of the most important and overlooked skills that candidates have.

3. Dive into new platforms as they emerge and dissect them.
Really understand what makes them different, what makes them work, what makes content do well on them. And that means you might get into some that are gonna flop. Have a bit of curiosity around the way that interactions online are changing, the way that content is changing.

Another sound clip of her interview

“We really look for people who have their finger on the pulse of how social is changing. It is one of the most rapidly changing industries right now, and I want someone who is paying attention to it, who is enthralled by it and fascinated by it. … Things shift so fast. If you think about the social media channels that were dominant two years ago and the social media channels that are dominant today, it’s just a totally different world.”

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