I know you have a few inquiries before beginning a website. Case in point: What is online journal? Blog remains for Web-Blog and it is use with the end goal of sharing for all intents and purposes anything, for example, information, conclusion, photographs, music, occasion, verse/ballad, and so forth.

What is Blogger? www.blogger.com is allude to as Blogger and it is a rich apparatus or site that can be use to make quality online journals for nothing.

Some time recently, making an online journal can be a repetitive undertaking since you need to take in some web dialects, for example, CSS or HTML or PHP. Be that as it may, now you can set up a site without knowing any of the Languages recorded above with the assistance of the WYSIWYG interface. Be that as it may, knowing those dialects will include a few flavors to your web journal.

Blogger is the best free blogging stage to make a fantastic site. Setting up a web journal with Blogger or Blogspot blogging stage can be set up in five minutes. So before you begin your blogging vocation, there are a few things you need to get it.

1. The sort of your online journal – There are fundamentally three sorts of websites in particular:

Individual Blog

Community oriented Blog i.e. it include more than one creator

Topical Blog i.e. it depends on a specific subject

2. Ensure the web journal you need to make gives esteem and mirrors your objectives to your perusers

3. You should settle on a choice on how regularly you will post on your web journal.

4. Before making your online journal, ensure you have no less than five stuffs you’re going to post to evade a vacant website.

5. You need a thought of how you need your website to look like as far as shading and plan.


first Step. You require a Google Account (Gmail Account). You can get one from www.gmail.com

second Step. Subsequent to securing a working gmail account, continue to enlist an online journal at www.blogger.com then tap the sign up catch on the upper right corner.

third Step. Next, fill the structure with the proper and required data and afterward tap the proceed with catch.

fourth Step. You’re presently required to fill your Blog Title and URL in the fitting field. Presently you have to pick a title for your web journal and URL that best portrays your association then snap proceed.

fifth Step. The following thing to do now is to pick a format from Blogger layouts library (You can transform this formats whenever).

sixth Step. Your web journal is presently prepared, and you have to begin posting. Posting on blogger blog stage is very simple that a man with little learning of PC can do. You simply need to ace every element.

seventh Step. Since your blogger web journal is prepared, you have to make it all the more leaving, exceptional and expert by getting a space name for your website.

eighth Step. For inquiries, tips and data, you can visit Blogger’s useful website.

On the off chance that you experience any challenges throughout the enlistment and setting up, utilize the comment box for help.

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