Instagram is about to roll out a pair of new shopping features to make it easier for its 500 million users to shop without leaving the app.

Here’s how it works:

instagram tap to view products

A “Tap to View Products” icon will appear in the bottom left of posts.

Instagram product tags

Tapping on that icon will reveal the names of, and prices for, up to five products tagged in the post.

Instagram product info

Users can then tap on any featured product tags to then get additional details.

All of this happens within the Instagram app.

In addition, users can also tap on a “Shop now” link from the product page. Doing so will take the user to the retailer’s website, where they can purchase the item.

These are not ads (though Instagram offers ads that include a buy button).

Instagram is only testing these new shopping features for now.

“During this initial phase, the new features will be available to a group of people on iOS devices within the US,” according to Instagram. “As we roll out further, we’ll explore product recommendations, ways products are showcased to shoppers, global expansion and the ability to save content so Instagrammers can take an action later.”.

What do you think of these new Instagram shopping features?


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