As Nigeria faces with unstable power generation. Akinwunmi Ambode, the Governor of Lagos said its administration is taking a bold step towards generating 3,000 megawatts of electricity to boost economic and commercial activity in the state.

It is however anticipated that would commence with 1,000 megawatts (mw) in the scheme anticipated to take-off in about 15 months, while the staying 2,000 mw would go ahead stream over a seven-year span, according to the plan.

Asides servicing businesses and homes in the State, the endeavor is required to be free up the state from the national lattice to a vast degree, permitting more energy to go to consumers in other parts of the country.

The Lagos State’s Government will likely forcefully enter into the window gave by the Embedded Power Scheme, by setting up a few producing plants around the state.

The objective if accomplished, would help the state government’s  project ’Light up Lagos’ which is very dear to Governor Akinwumi Ambode and is gone for liberating Lagos from reliance on the national grid, as well as boosting business and commercial activity in the state.

To ensure that distribution companies are not owed, the administration would institute a law that would punish defaulters of power in the state.

To accomplish its objective, the state government has begun a meetings with international energy providers such as Sie GE, as well as distribution  and generating  companies, to explore the technical feasibility of the project.

As indicated by an industry source, the Lagos commissioner for energy, at the inaugural meeting with the panel on ‘Light Up Lagos,’ told the members that the express’ government will probably create 3,000(mw) which would support the economy of the state.

Oladeji Williams, Special Assistant to the Governor of Lagos State, on energy,   confirmed this at the  launch of  the new  Siemens  brand claims- “ingenuity for Life” when he said the state government  is  very eager to leverage on Siemens’ vast knowledge and experience and closing the energy sector gap, particularly with regards to the Lagos State Energy Development Policy, also referred to as “Light Up Lagos”

Williams said “in our democratic evolution, it has become evident that Nigerians are becoming more exposed to higher standards, moving away from mediocre goods and services and willing to pay for reliable and efficient services.

“ Consequently, it is imperative that power be treated as a business. Lagos State, the biggest market in Sub-Saharan Africa has a huge and growing demand requiring between 3,000MW – 5,000MW”, he said.

Anthony Youdeowei,chief operating officer of  Ikeja Electric, who also confirmed this development, said, the state government is asking how it can intervene in the power situation through embedded  power generation. We are also  collaborating with them to help them look at the  various areas it  can cite power plants and generate and transmit through the infrastructure  of the companies.

“Ikeja has located some  areas where it can put its plants . The 3,000mw is expected to come from embedded generation, as perceived by the government”, Youdeowei said.

Also commenting,  Sam Nwaire, chief operating  officer of Eko Electricity  Distribution Company, said the   state is planning to partner with stakeholders in the power sector  so that it can help facilitate extending power to communities that are not currently enjoying power supply because of one technical deficiency or the other. “We would work together with the state government to ensure that more citizens enjoy power supply”.

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