In the new millennium, where the internet is king,  social   media   marketing  reigns supreme. What makes this form of  marketing  different from other campaigns, besides that its strictly online, is that it integrates, uses, and is used by the  social   media  and/or networks. In other words, other marketing tools are set through professionals and employees of a certain company. Here, users are the professionals. When users publish content, be it by blog, a video on YouTube, a comment on Facebook, or even a remark on Craigslist, there is a communication between a customer and the its supplier. Instead of blatant ads, these  social   media  techniques uses advertisement through commentary, ideas, and the mentioned general communication to gain success.

There exist two aspects to this type of promotion. First is SMO, or  social   media  optimization, which focuses on publicity on this advertising communication. This way, through specific links, search engine usage, it can be distributed to a vaster audience on a particular service or product. Second is the mentioned communication between brands and fans already mentioned. In other words, users would promote the company, whereas webmaster would promote the inter-web to focus on said company. Because of such tactics in a primarily online world,  social   media   marketing  is gaining momentum in both success and popularity.

When webmasters and users focus on key words, such as a company name or specific product, a third aspect arises subtly. As the name states, certain phrases are stressed to create more hits on a search engine, making the content easier to find, thus more popular, thus more successful.

However, there is a dark side to  social   media   marketing . Because of how words will be stressed for the simple fact of getting more hits on a search engine, it will seem as filler space. In other words, although it promotes the users, the customers, the fans, the internet revolves more and more around companies over the users themselves.


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