It has been analysis that South Africa has been rated fourth most-spammed country in the world, as it report that an average spam call per user per month reaching 21 calls in 2018, up from 15 calls in 2017, representing a 40% increase, Says by the new report by Truecaller.

The report finds that almost half (49%) of all top spam calls in South Africa were scam-related, such as ‘tech support fraud’, where someone pretends to call from your bank or a company saying that your account has been hijacked and need your help to take control of it; ‘one ring scam’, an unknown number (usually an international number) gives you a missed call and when you call them back you get charged a hefty fee for calling to that number; ‘job offer scam’, where someone pretends to be a headhunter calling you to offer you a job but you need to pay a fee in order to get the job.

Also, telemarketing was found to be a big problem in South Africa, which accounts to 38% of all top spam calls in the country, with such type of calls usually coming from various companies, insurance agencies and financial services trying to offer something, says the report.

Meanwhile, Brazil overtook India as the most spammed country in the world, with the average Truecaller user receiving 37.5 spam calls per month, making it an 81% increase of spam calls in a year.

This year, Truecaller users helped to report and identify 132.1 million unique spam numbers, which resulted in 17.7 billion calls blocked and identified.


Source: Truecaller.

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