What is a Content guide and How to Get Started (Part 1)


A substance guide is a necessary part of any B2B inbound promoting effort. In any event that is the thing that the geniuses say…and it appears to be correct. All things considered, in the event that you need to make extraordinary substance that draws in and connects with guests to your site, you have to arrange for what content you need to make and distribute.

The problem comes with the ‘map’ part–just what is a ‘map’ in this context? Before I answer that question, please note that I am writing as an experienced explorer in this wilderness, not necessarily as an expert guide. So much conversation around inbound marketing is written as if the writer is an expert bestowing his or her wisdom from on high. I freely admit to not being an expert, but rather a seasoned professional who has tried different approaches, had some success and some failures, and tried to learn from them both.

So back to our question. A map is something you use to prepare for a journey and to keep track of your progress as you go. A really good map will help you get back on the trail when you get lost.

Let’s look at two issues while we answer ‘what is a content map?’.

Who do you writing for?

The first question(s) to answer in planning for a content map is to define who we are writing for. In the inbound marketingworld they are called personas.

Next we have to understand the process each persona goes through to know our product or service, engage with us, and ultimately buy. This is often called the buyer’s journey. This is more easily said than done. It is unique to each persona, and further, there are multiple versions for each persona. That’s because a persona is not an individual but a type of buyer that includes a range of individuals. This will take research similar to the work necessary to create the personas themselves. In fact, you should be doing this research while you are developing the characteristics of your personas.

Given that early in the buyer’s journey, prospects are looking for information about your product or service that usually fall under the umbrella of features and benefits. Consequently, each product and service will need content relative to it. This makes the map a little more complex. If we are not careful here, we will talk ourselves into a very large number of journeys to be mapped. Now, obviously, that won’t work because we will end up with a cluttered and confusing website that defeats its purpose. We have to find a middle ground between providing an engaging, well-organized website rich with content and one that satisfies the needs of our visitors.

begin where you can — make it simple at first.

While you may ultimately end up with a robust content map, I suggest that you begin with what you know, or can easily surmise, and build from there. Start with a simple map and then let it evolve over time.

First, select three or four personas to develop that are the key participants in your most frequent sales opportunities. Next, divide your sales process into just three or four stages: such as Attract, Engage, Prospect, Propose. In the attraction stage you would have content that first time visitors would be lured by. In the engagement phase you would have content that would help them understand what features and benefits were best for them. Develop each phase this way.

As should be obvious, that would manage at least twelve presents on fulfill every persona at every phase of the purchaser’s voyage. Presently some of those posts may be copied in more than one persona or stage, yet for the most part you will need more than twelve posts before you are finished. From this base, you can work out more posts and advance your guide.

The most essential stride in making a substance guide is beginning – recognize your personas and keep the approach concentrated yet straightforward. In the second a portion of my discussion about substance maps, I will offer you a layout for building your guide and talk about in detail the segments of the guide and why they are critical.


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